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Corrections to the printed eurotopia Directory

The following data has changed in respect to the 2020 edition of the eurotopia Directory (see imprint on page 2, ISBN 978-3-9816860-5-0):

65new email address:
71Bnew email address:
street and number should read: Oppemstraat 8
72new street address: Eikenberg 27A
74A correction of the street address and number: Drootbeek 30/19.
The telephone number is not valid anymore.
86new email address:
112this community does not exist anymore
115new email address:
116BThe correct name of the community is La Flayssière.
New phone-number: +33-(0)430 96 92 30
New email address:
New website:
128New website:
136Bmerged with 172
143BThe community's name is now Miteinander Neukirchen e.V.
New street address: Hohlstraße 15
New email address:
146new email address:
155new email address:
172new street address: Buchenweg 4-16 (unchanged postal code and village name)
new phone numbers: +49-7448/4100-200, +49-(0)151-212 143 71
180new email address:
181Telephone number: +49-(0)38462-33480
182correct phone numbers: +49-(0)7192-8176, +49-(0)157-5470432
198new email address:
217BPlease use the following contact data:
Phone +49-(0)176-96043234 (Anne)
219new address: Kirchenweg 13, 83209 Prien. New telephone number: +49-(0)80 51-16 35
220new telephone number: +49-(0)3635-41 33 100
236Bnew telephone number: +49-(0)5694 9912782
239small addition: Volunteers welcome after prior agreement with free food and lodging
251Bnew email address:
256This community doesn't exist anymore, but "the house is available for new community processes".
257Bphone-number: +49-(0)5121-691174
263Since the lease was cancelled, the community ceased to exist at this place. Contact data is not valid anymore.
265Bcorrect telephone number: +49-(0)2297-909 492
267The printed email adress ist not valid anymore for contacting the community!
268new address: Prympark 4, 52351 Düren
275This community does not want to be contacted anymore.
287new postal code: 35020
new telephone numbers: +39-(0)049 0997 609, +39-3472109799
287Bnew website:
298Bnew email address:
326new phone number: +351-924 244 806
335AWe can't reach this community and have heard from Russian contacts that they have ceased to exist.
341The Amalurra communities don't exist anymore (at the moment).
342The Amalurra communities don't exist anymore (at the moment).
345AThis community goes through some re-orientation, it does not exist anymore (right now).
345BThis community does not exist anymore.
355corrected postal address: Apartado de correos 9, Los Molinos de Río Aguas
359new email address:
360new telephone numbers: +46-(0)735 51 07 15, -(0)586 78 50 78
368Bonly telephone number now +41-(0)794 176 721
369This community doesn't exist anymore
375exchange P.O. Box with "Beitenwil 61"
392BThis community doesn't exist anymore: The Jesus Fellowship has closed and The Anchorage has been sold so the information in the directory is no longer accurate. Some of the members continue to live together informally but the church as an entity no longer exists.
397This community doesn't exist anymore
398please disregard the telephone number
401Bcorrect street address is: Scargill House, Kettlewell
403This community doesn't exist anymore, see
414new telephone number: +385-(0)95 802 0180
418new postal code: 33200
new website:
and an introduction video:
423Facebook-page (because homepage is down):
430Bthe telephone number is not valid anymore
438This formerly planned community has found a home in Hungary.
Address: in the middle of nature - 30 min. from Lake Balaton - wine country
8716 Mesztegnyö
See website for more information
440All new: "midanond" is now:
Wohnprojekt ZuZuG
Hofmark 23
4755 Zell an der Pram
(same phone number)
442This formerly planned community does now exist.
443New name: Gumm cohousing
New Website:
New e-mail-address:
447We can't reach this formerly planned community in no way and assume it is ceased.
449Doesn't seem to be a community project anymore, but a sports/art project. New data:
Name: 1man1way1world

+49-(0)152 371 895 49
451Bthis formerly planned community does not exist anymore
452the address change seems to suggest that the castle has new tenants - an intentional community is still planned:
Schloss Hohenfels/Weltenwandler-Tagungszentrum
Schloss Hohenfels 1
78355 Hohenfels
Telephone: +49-(0)7557-92 91 90
456new address: Frankenallee 32, 60327 Frankfurt
456BThis formerly planned community is now building their house here:
Otto-Leonhardt. Str. 2 (postal address: Marktplatz 16)
56288 Kastellaun
New telephone number: +49-(0)2605-677 9057
New website:
New email address:
458please refrain from inquiries, this community has no vacancies and no resources für visitors and inquiries
460New street address: Gutenbergstraße 6 (same postal code and city).
Find the respective telephone number on the website.
462The project Ökodorf Gutleben has been cancelled, there is a new group now:
Name: Gemeinschaftsinitiative Chiemgau
Address: Breitensteinweg 4, 83236 Übersee
Phone: +49-(0)157-87556665
466new telephone number: +49-(0)7464-9879300
470New address: Via Cornegliana n.81 /A, 29122 Piacenza
correct phone number: +352-621 611 006
472new address: Het Hof 2D, 5291 NL Gemonde, new telephone number: +31-(0)6-46091223
474new postal code: 1861PH
currently no telephone connection
475a lot of changes:
ecodorp Land van Aine (was ecodorp Noordeland)
Ruiten A Kanaal Zuid 13/27
9561TG Ter Apel
Groningen. The Netherlands
Tel. +34-(0)614219722
email address:
website remains the same
476This formerly planned community does now exist. One correction in the house number: Klein Rondeel 203
481new website:
new phone numbers: +34-64385386-3 or -9
483new email address:
483BThe project has got a new owner and a new name, and we can no longer call it an eco village. Now it has become a holiday community where people can stay for a period over the year.
484new website:, new phone number +46-(0)735411123
486Bthis formerly planned community does not exist anymore
487Bthis formerly planned community does not exist anymore
489new website:
new email address:
490Currently the biggest change is that we have bought land where we are starting to build the ecovillage

Descriptions of communities that we have received after publishing the abovementioned book:



Stieglitzweg 2, 14552 Michendorf

Tel. +49-(0)33205-46599, email: , website:

Existing since 2014, near Potsdam/Berlin, ca. 40 members, 1,6 ha of land

In Michendorf (southwest of Berlin/adjacent to Potsdam) we have built an intergenerational and ecological community housing project.
We are currently (8/2021) 50 adults and 37 children. On a plot of about 1.7 ha we have built 5 ecological and sustainable houses. As shared rooms and areas we have available: in each house a communal flat with bath, laundry rooms, cellar, sheds for bicycles, tools and gardening equipment, outdoor playgrounds/space for children, workshops, an organic kitchen garden, a fireplace, a rest garden, a volleyball court and a sauna. A separate community hall is currently being planned.
Our solidarity and the sharing of resources lead to synergies in many areas, such as childcare and support for elderly residents. A sustainable and mindful way of living with each other characterises our life together.


Serenity Aguatavar

Camino El Topo 13, 38780 Tijarafe (La Palma)

Tel. +34-602583093, email , website

Existing since 2017 on La Palma, 4-10 members

Serenity is a place where we grow and cook food from our own garden. Our garden spreads over many terraces and gets more and more full of plants and trees. Following the idea of permaculture we close circles as much as possible. We opitimize our eco footprint and run the finca in harmony with nature.

Following these principles we build many things on a creative way from some used stuff. We run a solar system with power outlets in all buildings on the finca. Our watering infrastructure is build by many tousand meters of watering pipes and different solutions for different situations. We run a biogas system for producing our own cooking gas. In our killn-pit we produce our own charocal. We produce our own compost and with a worm farm liquid fertilizer. Things like compost toilets and graywater clearing are important peaces in this big puzzle.